Why you should only use the services of a qualified accountant registered at an approved controlling body

A quite regular question that we as professionally qualified and registered accountants in practice receive, when dealing with both old and new clients, are as follows: “Does it really make difference if the accountant that I am using is a qualified and registered accountant? Surely as long as my accounts are taken care of and my returns are filed at […]

Directors duties

Directors of an organization are in a fiduciary relationship with that organization and should therefore always act in good faith towards that organization, and in the best interests of the organization. This fiduciary relationship forms the basis and the foundation from which all director duties emanate. Below is a summary of Common law duties and Companies Act duties (reference to […]

How to ‘Shop’ for the right business finance

Written by Barry Leonard – Funding Hub. MMS Group was granted permission to use this article by the author. SME business finance in South Africa has evolved over the years.  Not only has there been substantial growth in the number of B2B alternative lenders in the South African marketplace, but there has also been growth in the type, and diversity, […]

MMS Group is proud to announce that we recently partnered with the FD Centre

The FD Centre provides Part-time Finance Directors to entrepreneurial businesses, with turnovers ranging from R25 Million to R1.0 Billion, who don’t want, don’t need or can’t afford a full-time Finance Director, however recognise they need this skill-set on an ongoing basis or for particular situations as they arise.  Additionally, they provide an Interim CFO or FM solution to the Corporate […]